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Grup de recerca: Cercle de lingüística aplicada (CLA)
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Lecturers' identities and practices in English-medium instruction at a Catalan University: an ethnographic study 2020 David Block
Publicacions Any Autors Tipus
'Being a student' and 'doing education': A multimodal analysis of backstage and frontstage interactional episodes in EMI 2021 Moncada Comas, Balbina Capítol de llibre d'investigació
Multilingual academic and professional communication in a networked world. Proceedings of AELFE-TAPP 2021 (19th AELFE Conference, 2nd TAPP Conference) 2021 Arnó, E.; Aguilar, M.; Borràs, J.; Mancho, G.; Moncada, B.; Tatzl, D. Acta congrés
CLIL-ised EMI in practice: issues arising 2019 Moncada Comas, Balbina; Block, David Article d'investigació
English-medium instruction in higher education and the ELT gaze: STEM lecturers' self-positioning as NOT English language teachers 2019 Block, David; Moncada Comas, Balbina Article d'investigació